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Georgina, at My Timeless Footsteps welcomes all opportunities to work with individuals, businesses, brands, products and services provided they are a good fit with the ethos and operating policies of My Timeless Footsteps.

The are various opportunities to work with My Timeless Footsteps. These include sponsored posts, sponsored articles, sponsored links, affiliate links, advertising banners and bespoke partnerships.

Therefore, do you represent a destination, tour company, a hotel brand or a travel product that you would like to promote to the growing tribe of perceptive readers at My Timeless Footsteps who look for high quality content?

Would you like exposure to travellers who are looking for unique and immersive activities for timeless memorable experiences?

Would you like exposure to travellers who are seeking a private, luxurious stay at special places for memories to last them a lifetime?

Do you require high quality, detailed write-up of a destination, product or service that captures the impression, sense and essence of the subject matter?

If so, My Timeless Footsteps could be the perfect partner for your requirements.

What can you expect from Georgina at My Timeless Footsteps

Georgina provides a professional service, with informative and in-depth content. These are accompanied with captivating and quality photography to draw her readers into the world of her experiences.

Georgina reviews destinations, transportations, accommodations, activities, and travel products. She shares her travel experiences with her growing global audiences. Writing valuable comprehensive travel guide is her forte. Her approach to writing is to give her discerning readers a variety of choices in activities at a destination. By empowering her readers to select, through flexibility, she nurtures trust and loyal following of My Timeless Footsteps. Georgina encourages slow travel so travellers can enjoy more, learn more, be culturally immersive without pressure to complete a list.

Through trust and loyalty, Georgina continues to build My Timeless Footsteps to be a unique, personal brand where destinations, experiences and recommendations are deemed credulous by her readers.

Georgina has lived in three continents and is based in London, UK. This gives her easy access to wider Europe and the Nordic countries. Georgina is willing and happy to undertake travel to destinations further afield also.

My Timeless Footsteps audience demographic


According to **Google Analytics, the audience at My Timeless Footsteps is made up of about 58% female and 42% male. The age group is predominantly 25-34, followed by 35-44, 18-24, 45-54 and 65+

Most of the audience are USA based at about 50% , followed by UK audience of 20%, then the rest dotted around the world.

**Data from Google Analytics will be updated every 3 months to reflect accurate audience demographics

Read on to know more about the services offered by My Timeless Footsteps to suit your requirements, and know more about trusted partners of My Timeless Footsteps.

Sponsored opportunities may be deemed as a form of Advertising because there is an element of control by the Client. For this reason, sponsored posts/articles, links, and banners are labelled as either ‘Adverts’ ‘Advertisements’ or ‘Sponsored post’. This is to ensure that readers are aware that payment in money or product/s is received.


Georgina at My Timeless Footsteps writes sponsored posts and articles. These sponsored posts and articles may involve visits to architectural sites, places of interests, attractions, tour activities, accommodation reviews or product reviews. All instances relate to travel and travel activities.

Where a post involves the review of a product, Georgina selects the product or products that she wants to use in the article. Georgina’s selection is based on what she likes, how the product looks and what it sounds like. In some instances, she may put the product or products to test prior to writing her post. Georgina will always reference the article to say as such.

The client may provide information in bullet points to include in the article/post together with link or links to be used.

Georgina recommends her approach to writing the article/post. As always, all opinions are Georgina’s own. All articles are written in good faith. Georgina recommends that the reader carry out his/her own research as different products may appeal differently to some.

Work with My Timeless Footsteps

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To request a review of an attraction, tour activities, accommodation or products, please complete the Contact form with details. All prices are dependent on the number of words in a post and the subject matter of the post. Product reviews are limited to two products per post.

My Timeless Footsteps contains sponsored links. Sponsored links are sentences or paragraph paid for by a client to be included in an article with a link to an article at the client’s site. The client has no editorial control over the article or post written at My Timeless Footsteps. To ensure clarity to the reader, these articles or posts will be labelled as ‘Sponsored Link’ at the top of the post.

Advertisers | Businesses | Brands

To request a link or a paragraph to be included in an article written and posted at My Timeless Footsteps, please complete the Contact form via the link below. The subject matter must be travel related and be a good fit to My Timeless Footsteps blog. A flat fee is charged for this service

Affiliate Links | Work with My Timeless Footsteps

There are affiliate links sprinkled throughout the blog and this includes sponsored articles and posts. Affiliate marketing is a common practice amongst bloggers to monetise their blog. Georgina at My Timeless Footsteps is registered with a number of Affiliate platforms who partner Advertisers (Brands, Products, Companies, and Services) with Publishers (bloggers).

At My Timeless Footsteps, trackable links are generated to the Advertiser’s websites. If a reader click on this link, it will be tracked. If the reader makes a purchase within a certain number of days (Cookie Window), a small commission is paid to My Timeless Footsteps. It does not cost the reader anything extra.

For further information on Affiliate Policy – Disclaimer, Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions, please refer to All things Legal. Refer also to Trusted Partners page for a full list of associated partnerships,

Advertisers | Businesses | Brands

My Timeless Footsteps is always open to new business opportunities. For partnerships with My Timeless Footsteps to promote your products in return for a commission, please complete the Contact form below.

Bespoke Partnership | Work with My Timeless Footsteps

Georgina at My Timeless Footsteps is open to listen and support all business suggestions provided it is honest, genuine and ethical.

Equally, the bespoke partnership offered by My Timeless Footsteps extends to individuals as well. Georgina supports partnerships with aspiring individuals who seek to develop an online presence. Georgina shares her knowledge on the ‘how-to’ aspect of blogging, recommendations on the best platforms to use and how to become super awesome at Affiliate Marketing. All support tailored to meet individual needs.

Individuals | Advertisers | Businesses | Brands

Share your thoughts and let Georgina know how best she could support you. Complete the Contact form and Georgina will be in touch within two* days of having receives your email.

*Excl. Weekends, Bank Holidays and when limited access to emails/WiFi whilst travelling.


According to **Google Analytics, the audience at My Timeless Footsteps is made up of about 58% female and 42% male. The age group is predominantly 25-34, followed by 35-44, 18-24, 45-54 and 65+

Most of the audience are USA based at about 50% , followed by UK audience of 20%, then the rest dotted around the world.

Blog Content | Work with My Timeless Footsteps

My Timeless Footsteps is targeted at adult audience and encompasses a wide, growing and a healthy global interest.

Content covered

The interests and topics covered in My Timeless Footsteps travel blog is wide, engaging and valuable. Topics include London city, best of travels around UK, destination guides in Europe, Japan, Malaysia, and the USA.

Blog Premium Content

There are articles in My Timeless Footsteps labelled as ***‘Premium Content’. Premium Content articles are in-depth because of the extensive information contained in each of them. Bringing together all available information through in-depth research, and ensuring these are useful to travellers is an enjoyable experience albeit time consuming. Along with this, Georgina shares her insights to travel and traveller well-being.

All content is written by Georgina Daniel, the owner and the business strategist behind My Timeless Footsteps.

***Premium Content articles are available to our readers for a small fee or Free to readers with Full Membership.

Blog Content not covered

Georgina does not write on:

Politics, banking, financial, motoring, computer games, gambling, cleaning products, sport, sex, sex aids, celebrities, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, dentistry, vapes, alcohol, firearms, vouchers, coupons, competitions, give-away offers, surveys, pop-up shops, info-graphics.

About Georgina | Work with My Timeless Footsteps

Work with My Timeless Footsteps | Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

Having lived in Japan, the USA and now based in London, Georgina has a special interest to bring the best of Britain to her audiences worldwide. Her focus is on independent, self-guided, guided, sometimes solo midlife travels. As well, Georgina is a proud baby boomer who encourages travel as essential to well-being.

Together with her own style of writing, curating complete travel guides with embedded flexibility, to alienate stress is her forte. Georgina organises bespoke tours also.

My Timeless Footsteps has a wide global interest, with audiences ranging from the age of 24 through to 65. The predominant category being the 25-34 year olds. Whilst My Timeless Footsteps is a resource for all gender and all walks of life, it is particularly resourceful for the over 50s. Learn more of Georgina’s motivation for My Timeless Footsteps in About Georgina.

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