Where will you stay?

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Where will you stay when you travel?

Where will you stay? – We all need a place to stay when we travel, right? Be it a hostel, hotel or a “home-away-from-home” – we need a place to stay when we travel. Some of us are highend travellers and would not compromise on the comfort and luxury of places, each to our taste in life. Unashamedly, I am a little uncompromising on the comfort and luxury when I travel, afterall it is my vacation and I like to treat myself. However, I am also practical in my decisions – not all destinations require or comes with highend accommodation, so my choices are always adjusted to the type of holidays I have and my destination.

Here are some choices you may want to consider

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc is a global hospitality group providing Luxury Hotels for Business & Leisure travellers all over the World. The Group offers choices of 120 hotels in 79 locations in Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Additionally, you can earn Loyalty Points, up to three-times and enjoy the hospitality of the Millennium that comes with exceptional service.

Take advantage of their Best Rate for Book Early offer, up to 20% off – do a search and see what you can save on your selected dates.

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You can Book direct for Best Online offer

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Millennium and Copthorne offer a great many choices for travellers who are exploring particular destinations: Take a look at below:

Booking dot com

I have personally used booking dot com on many occasions purely for the simple reason that I can change my mind without penalties.


Booking dot com is a travel search engine for accommodations. A search in the search bar (below) will offer you a choice of hotels, homes and apartments plus choices of Bed & Breakfasts in 120,000 destinations worldwide – instant confirmation and no cancellation fees. You will definitely find accommodation to suit your needs and your budget whether you are single, couples or families.

For example, if you are visiting England, and London is your main City you may wish to search 14,254 accommodation in this City via booking dot com here. There are great many choices in other major cities too, Edinburgh , Glasgow , York, Liverpool, Manchester . Let’s also not forget the historic City of Bath, and world renowned places such as Cambridge and Oxford – so, go ahead and give it a go.

If you prefer, you could use the search box below.


Let your property fund your travels!

Moreover, if you are travelling for a few weeks or more, why don’t you let your property out and earn some money while you are away? List your property with booking dot com and get 5 weeks commission free. Click here to find out more or click the banner below.


I am pretty sure that you may think that there are other and better accommodation websites – to be honest, there could be but I have not experienced one that offers such a great selection to suit my requirements.

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