Will it be paragliding, scuba diving or mountaineering? To be honest, you can pretty much do anything you like and want if you know how to access these activities and more! Usually, I browse through Get Your Guide at the planning stage of my holidays to get an idea of what activities are available at my holiday destination. Sometimes, these browsing takes place months before I actually make a final decision. I do this to ensure that I know what my choices are and also to take advantage of best deals before they are sold out. Planning is therefore crucial in ensuring that we have a win-win experience which is why I thought of sharing my views on Pretravel Planning – 25 Top Tips for a Stressfree Vacation along with 5 Reasons Why Travel Planning is Important.

Planning a travel can be time consuming if you have a busy schedule. Should you need any help with deciding and getting ahead with any travel plans, please get in touch with me and I would be happy to help. I am certain that with my expertise, local knowledge and contacts with local travel agents of your holiday destination will allow us to come up with an agreeable plan for you. I can create bespoke itineraries for mature solo and couple travellers who are seeking to make memories of their own. You can get in touch with me via the contact page or directly on email, ggdaniel166@gmail.com for further information.

Equally, if you like the excitement of planning your own holiday itineraries through informed decision-making or have an off the beaten path kind of adventure, you can look-up Get Your Guide. One of the reasons I like Get Your Guide is because it is about making your travel, your way. There are unique and unmissable activities for you to choose from which are designed to create memorable moments and experiences. Below are some examples of carefully selected tours to enhance your visits to London, Greenwich London and Chicago, USA.

If you are considering a visit to London, I would strongly suggest that you take a look at some of the tours offered by Get Your Guide in London. I have carefully picked out some to enhance your experience for when you visit this amazing City but there are lots more and you could have a look at them here .

Moreover, it does not matter whether you are in London for two days or for two weeks, I am sure you would like to save money on transport and attraction passes. To do so you may want to purchase the London Explorer Pass which gives you up to 35% off on admission to your choice of 3, 4, 5, or 7 top London attractions at one low price. These are suggestions only and certainly feel free to customise them to suit your needs.

As mentioned, please feel free to get in touch. I am always ready and willing to help. Whilst some of the time I like to wander off to explore, equally there are many times also where I have taken pleasure in being part of an organised tour, being picked and dropped off without the hassle of having to think of transportation back to the hotel in an unfamiliar country after a long day of exploring.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy adventures!

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Originally a Malaysian, Georgina has lived in London for most of her adult life which is her home. This gives her an unparalleled advantage of London life as a local expert. Her adventures had given her the opportunity to live in Japan and the USA also. Georgina is the owner and business strategist behind MyTimelessFootsteps.com. Her goal is to encourage mature adventurers to be happy at home and abroad. Her travel guides and inspiring travel articles are aimed at encouraging adventurers to embrace this beautiful world and to live life on your  terms.