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Booking a trip is easy with this 6 step guide

Booking a trip is easy with this 6-step guide which I am about to share with you here. I am a dedicated user of lists! Travel lists, shopping lists, reading lists…everything is a list! I cannot stress enough about the importance of a travel checklist. In 5 Reasons Why Planning is Important in Travel and in 25 top tips to s stress free vacation, you will find all that is needed to ensure nothing is overlooked before you board your flight. Additionally, there are other considerations which one should not overlook as well. Especially when we have so many other aspects of life to deal with, a travel checklist comes in handy every time.

For me, a stress free vacation and a vacation within a predetermined budget is extremely important. I like to maximise my experiences of a place and sometimes, I like the slow pace too. All in all, it has to be a vacation I desire, I plan and I enjoy without any impediments. This 6-step suggested guide may help you to do just that as it does for me.

Here is everything you need.

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1 | Tick off the Travel Checklist – 25 top tips

The travel checklist I am referring to consists of 25 top tips and it embodies everything you need to consider, steps to take before your vacation. I have used this list numerous times and I still return to it. I update it as often as I can when new challenges come my way such as ESTA for USA (#10 on my Travel Checklist).

Below is a summary: 2 pages


Download a copy for your use.

2 | Book your flight

My “best friend” in booking my flights is SkyScanner! Skyscanner is my go-to website because it gives me all the options I need. It gives me all the options on flights, dates and times so I can choose what suits me best. It has the latest offers and best price possible for the choice of destination and time.

Alternatively, if you prefer to fly with specific airlines, Etihad offers great selection in destinations which may interest you. You can fly economy or business.

3 | Book your place to stay

With so many choices out there, finding a place to stay while on vacation is not easy. For my stay, booking dot com is my go to place for suitable accommodation.

4 | Book your activities

Depending on the type of vacation, I usually embed a couple of activities so I get to see more of the destination. My favourites are day-trips – tour guided day trips which I feel really are value for money activities. It can be anything from a trip to the mountains or multiple locations tour – it has been a win-win experience for me.

5 | Travel Insurance

No matter what you do, DO NOT forget to get your travel insurance in time for your travels. There are a number of companies offering a range of cover but I like the flexibility and the easy, simple way to obtain one offered by World Nomads. Why not do a search and find out how simple it is.



Don’t forget your passport!

Happy travels!


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“The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how may be, to see them as they are”

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Booking a trip is easy with this one link 6-step travel guide. Includes a detail guide to the essential  25 tips for a stressfree vacation plus a pdf download via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/
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  1. Angela

    A helpful post for those that are starting out on their travels and need some guidance with how to book an independant trip.

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