“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

Giuseppe Verdi

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Italy has an inexplainable charm that even Verdi was willing to give up everything else for it! There is something extremely romantic and beautiful about Italy’s Roman ruins, the greens of Tuscany, the colours of the Lake District, the valleys, snow-capped mountains of the Alps, the spell binding fashion hub of Milan, the canals and cobblestones of Venice , the alleyways of Verona…I can keep going. There are so many reasons that keeps me drawn to this enchanting country – and I have only just begun to explore this exotic destination.    

Located in Europe, Italy is one of world’s best loved destinations, not just for its remarkable natural landscapes but also for its sprawling mass of history through centuries. The unending, tangible stories reflected in its art and architectural masterpieces created throughout history.  Italy plays the music that fills your soul and ignites the inner most childlike feelings over legends of romance and love forevermore. It’s sophistication takes you beyond the ordinary life, adorning you with a little la dolce vita, “the sweet life” that some of us indulge in at Italy’s high end spas or hotels, where we unwind, relax and be pampered.

Italy’s romance doesn’t just end there! The heart and soul of Italy are its people, one and all, welcoming you, greeting you with an unspoken sophistication of a nod and smile. Their hospitality goes further, much further when experiencing one of Italy’s dining pleasures where comfort is assured. Italian dining culture is popular around the world and it is so much more than just checked tablecloths, candles and wine.

Italians are known to be lively, and passionate. They are passionate about life’s pleasures, food being the main amongst them. They are also creatures of tradition and habit. When it comes to food, they are happiest when things are done right. Cuisines go beyond   the simplicity of pizza and spaghetti, but simplicity is the underlying “ingredient” of Italian gastronomical delight. Preserving the simple authentic ingredients in Italian cooking through tradition and habit is an art deeply rooted in Italian culture. Recipes are passed down from one generation to the next, preserving these “secret” ingredients.

Visiting Italy is your chance to really get to know Italian natural landscape, its centuries of history, food, and through it, Italian people and their culture. Join me, as I explore this rich and famous land, one city at a time. bringing you valuable resources in travel and city guide with tips and choices so you can design your holiday your way, embedding flexibility for your well-being.

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Italy, one of world's best loved destinations has an inexplainable charm that will fill your heart with music and take you beyond the ordinary life with a little la dolce vita-Discover Italy with Georgina via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/
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  1. Renata

    Yes, Italy definitely has something magic. This history and precious art everywhere is just mesmerizing. I’m so happy that travelling within Europe is permitted again – and after a short trip to Prague, my next trip goes to Italy, of course. I’ll be brushing up my Italian and visit all those majestic landmarks. Can’t wait!

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