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Travel, synonymous to a journey of some length between two or more geographical locations has often been undertaken for many different reasons. Some may travel for the sake of taking a break from their routine, monotonous 9 to 5 lifestyle. Others may do so to check-off their travel bucket list, yet some may just want to capture moments for an #instapic. For some, it means freedom. Freedom to find oneself amongst a different environment, a different country, a different culture and the opportunity to immerse oneself in that unique cultural experiences. There is also the adventurous kind, who pursue the unusual and exciting journeys. Amongst all those who travel, there is a selective group who have great appreciation for experiences without guidebooks or itineraries who showcase themselves pursuing an off the beaten path lifestyle. For whatever reason one chooses to travel,and wherever one travels to – Travel changes you.

Travel had and continues to shape my perspectives on life and how I see the many cultures that I am so blessed to get in contact with. Having caught the bug to explore for as long as I can remember but decided recently to document my travels of late into a blog, sharing my adventures with all my readers.

Adventurous Travel

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “adventure” as:

“an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity”

I like to call my travel experiences as “adventures” because they truly are an adventure for me. The excitement that goes into planning, choosing where to go and the excitement of the unexpected…is truly amazing and make lasting memories. I have learnt from each experience and each experience in-turn makes me a better traveller.

As I learn through my adventures, I share my experiences to various destinations in the articles I write and offer ideas to plan your journeys. Travel need not be expensive or break ‘your bank’! Within budget, you could always find the right accommodation for the right price without compromising on comfort and safety. Planning a holiday beforehand is therefore crucial. A well-planned itinerary in a predetermined budget range will do wonders to a meaningful and memorable holiday. My sincere wish is for my articles to aide your independent planning of an awesome adventure – design your adventure your way, for a meaningful vacation and for your well-being.

However,  should you require a travel itinerary, look no further. I will be delighted to do one for you by combining my expertise, local knowledge and contacts with local agents of your holiday destination. I can create bespoke itineraries for solo and couples  over 50 who are seeking to make memories of their own. You can get in touch with me via the contact page or directly on email, for further information.

For now, come and join me in my adventures across the globe.





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Middle East

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Although the adventure in me has taken my family and I to many places around the globe over the last twenty-five years, I must admit that I have visited just over twenty countries so far. I am yet to visit all the cities and all the countries this beautiful world has in store. There are 193 countries or the 195 as some may say or even the 197 – whichever way you look at it. – I intend to visit each and every country before I fall off my twig.

Join me as I explore One City, One Country, One Journey at a time.


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