The Best Ways to Get to Hiroshima City


The Best Ways to Get to Hiroshima City by public transport will depend on where you are travelling from in … Read More

An easy guide on transportation to Hiroshima from major cities in Japan - by air, rail and road. Includes external links and benefits of a Japan Rail Pass via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

Ultimate 1-Day Guide to the best of Hiroshima City Travel


Hiroshima is a vibrant modern city, having risen from its ashes of the past. It is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the southwest of Japan’s Honshu Island.

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A detailed guide to one day in Hiroshima City Travel that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. A list of 10 experiences which should not be missed. via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

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