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Hello there, I am Glorey Georgina (although in the social media world I am known as Georgina). My Timeless Footsteps is dedicated as a travel resource for mature adventurers where you will find my travel stories, both near (London/UK) and far. This travel resource includes inspirational travel articles together with travel guides and useful information, to help you plan your very own travel adventures.

However, before I introduce you to my adventures and what you would find in this space, you may wish to know (if this is your first visit) a little background to My Timeless Footsteps.

Briefly, My Timeless Footsteps was born about a year ago under a different name, footsteps of an older woman which then evolved into Our adventures, memories and journals – leading to the current name of My Timeless Footsteps. For a more detailed reason as to the changes and why I started the blog, head over to About page where you can read more about me, Georgina.


Although I do not blog full-time, and most part of this year, 2019 has been dedicated to exploring and retracing my footsteps in London, which means less travel abroad, I admit to thoroughly enjoying my staycation time and my new found creativity in blogs which has not gone amissed. Since the beginning of this year, I have had three recognitions – Lens Culture Awards, the Mystery Blogger Award, and most recently, (September 22nd) by Feedspot,

Feedspot selected a blog I wrote, “Serenity amongst ruins – 8 reasons why you should visit St Dunstan in the East, London” as one of the Top 75 London Blogs, Websites & Newsletters by London Bloggers in 2019. If you click on the link and go through the list, and in no particular order, you will find My Timeless Footsteps, A resource for mature adventurers, listed as #31. According to their website, Feedspot compiles the most comprehensive list of the Top 75 London Blogs, Websites & Newsletters by London Bloggers in 2019.

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I am elated to be listed alongside established websites such as Londonist and Secret London, just to name a couple. I want to “thank you” my readers, for your support to getting me here.

Without further adieu, let us move on to what you may find in My Timeless Footsteps

Adventures to inspire you:

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Though I have not been everywhere, I have been to some and the rest is definitely on my list! For now, in this space, you will find my adventures to various destinations.

My travel adventures are designed to inspire you and offer ideas to help you plan your journeys, so you can create memories too.

Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

I strongly feel that travel need not be expensive or break ‘your bank’! It does not always have to be the 5-star over-indulge type of lifestyle when you cannot afford it. I do not travel on the cheap but I do insist on a certain degree of uncompromising comfort and safety, which by no means extravagant. I do believe life in its simplicity also works! A quiet romantic river-walk is equally meaningful as that of a dinner in a 5-star restaurant.

Come along on my adventures and explore through my lens.

Being the largest, most populous part of the world and home to several of the world’s oldest civilisation, …

Europe is a continent with preserved cultural heritage, open borders and a transport infrastructure that …

North America is vast and it’s natural landscape of mountains, valleys and waterfalls are simply breathtaking.

Or you can click on the individual countries/regions here below by clicking on the captions.



You can read more on Japan here and click on individual travel guide below.


You can read more on Europe here and click on individual travel guide below.

North America

You can read more on my travels in North America here and click on the links below.

Food & Drink Experiences

If there is one thing that I love just as much as travelling, it is food. As a Malaysian, I grew up experiencing one of the most flavourful cuisines in the world. A country which is often referred to as “the crossroads of Asia”, Malaysian cooking uses ingredients and cooking styles which reflects a fusion of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai. Although, they are not spicy-hot, they are full of flavour and has contributed to me having an adventurous palate when it comes to culinary delights and the mouth-watering dishes I get to enjoy during my travels.

You can read more on Food & Drink Experiences here and click on the links below:

Travel Resources & Guides

Travel resources and guides are designed for you to have meaningful experiences. For me, planning a holiday beforehand is crucial. You may want to read “5 Reasons Why Travel Planning is Important” and “Pretravel Planning – 25 Top Tips for a Stress Free Vacation” as a guide to help you plan your next holiday. A well-planned travel itinerary within a predetermined budget range will do wonders to a meaningful and memorable holiday. The Pretravel Planning is by far the most comprehensive list and be sure to download the PDF and save it for future reference.

This page will also reflect travel resources such as how to get around a country (Transport tips) and certain unique travel challenges for example when crossing state-lines or borders.  I have written a blog on The Best Ways to get to Hiroshima City when you are travelling in Japan which you can read here.

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How can Georgina help you?

Planning a travel can be time consuming if you have a busy schedule. Should you need any help with deciding and getting ahead with any travel plans, please get in touch with me and I would be happy to help. I am certain that with my expertise, local knowledge and contacts with local travel agents of your holiday destination will allow us to come up with an agreeable plan for you. I can create bespoke itineraries for mature solo and couple travellers who are seeking to make memories of their own. You can get in touch with me via the contact page or directly on email, for further information. Equally, if you like the excitement of planning your own holiday itineraries through informed decision-making or have an off the beaten path kind of adventure, you can look-up:

  • which is a travel search engine for accommodations, that offers you a choice of hotels, homes and apartments and B&B’s in 120,000 destinations worldwide – instant confirmation and no cancellation fees. You will definitely find accommodation to suit your needs, singles, couples or families and your budget.

  • Get Your Guide is about making your travel, your way. There are unique and unmissable activities for you choose from which are designed to create memorable moments and experiences.

My Journal

My Journal will document my thoughts on everyday experiences as a person, my views on love & relationships and motivation/inspirational thoughts to unlock the values in a person especially women over50 whom I passionately advocate for.

Below, you will find some examples of what I have written. Feel free to drop me a line and share your thoughts. I would love to hear and learn from you also.


The views expressed in my blogs are my own and I will always be explicit if any of its content is subsidised or sponsored. This Post and all related posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you click on a link and make a purchase.

You can access the Full Disclaimer, T & C’s and Privacy Statements by clicking links below.

Come, Join Me

I hope this post has given you a flavour of what My Timeless Footsteps is all about and what you can expect from me, Georgina. I invite you to come with me, plan your next adventure and experience the wonder of it all …Where would your next adventure take you?  Get in touch via the comments box below. I would love to hear from you.

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Meet Me at #AMAFriday

AMAFriday – Ask Me Anything Friday takes place every Friday on my Instagram – @my_timeless_footsteps/ Friday is a day I dedicate to you for any questions you may have on my travels – on London, England, UK, Europe or Japan. I promise to answer all questions. If I do not know the answers, I will endeavour to find out for you by consulting other members of the travel community.

It is really fun and I hope to see you there.

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Let’s discover the world.

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Originally a Malaysian, Georgina has lived in London for most of her adult life which is her home. This gives her an unparalleled advantage of London life as a local expert. Her adventures had given her the opportunity to live in Japan and the USA also. Georgina is the owner and business strategist behind Her goal is to encourage mature adventurers to be happy at home and abroad. Her travel guides and inspiring travel articles are aimed at encouraging you to embrace this beautiful world and to live life on your  terms.  

Updated: September 2019


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