Sunset at Miyajima Island.

Japan is and will always be close to my heart because it is one of my bucketlist countries. I was fortunate to live there for almost six-months and fully immerse in their culture, food and language. Though I have been to a number of places in Honshu Island, I must say that there is a lot more places I wish to visit. Japan is definitely a place I will return, and return again.

Prior to my journey though, I had already researched the places I wanted to visit and costed out the journey as I was on a strict budget. Everyone who plans a journey to Japan will already have their list of places to visit with their starred favourites! Mine were Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Uji, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Mount Fuji. I hope my perspective will help you plan and enjoy your trips just as much as I have, if not more. I welcome you to read my adventures in Japan, a beautiful country that is full of life, a centre for technology buffs and a land that preserves its national and cultural heritage. Enjoy reading by following the links here:

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