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A Comprehensive list to a day out at the Tower of London

Miyajima Island – 10 Ultimate Experiences not to be missed

Miyajima Island is a short ferry ride from Hiroshima. The journey takes ten-minutes from Miyajimaguchi Pier (see below for information … Read More

Lake Biwa and What You Need to Know

posted in: Japan, Kyoto, Lake Biwa 4

Lake Biwa Lake Biwa is located in Shiga Prefecture, on the northeast of Kyoto. I visited this Lake on the same … Read More

Mount Hiei – A fascinating Japan experience not to be missed

posted in: Japan, Mount Hiei 31

Mount Hiei makes a nice little escape from the maddening crowds of other Kyoto’s main attraction. It is a quiet place and somehow walking in the dense forest of towering cedar trees made me feel good. It was peaceful. There were not many tourists around on a weekday when I visited. I would…… Read More

What to do in Kuala Lumpur – The Unmissable Top 10 Experiences

posted in: Asia 2

The Top 10 in What to see, do and experience in Kuala Lumpur was a difficult selection to make because … Read More

Cherry blossoms in Japan – A simple guide to where, when and what you need to know

posted in: Japan 18

The Cherry Blossom Season in Japan Cherry blossom season in Japan is mesmerising, seductive and captivating. One can sit under … Read More

Christmas in London- Magical Markets, Dazzling lights and Fairytale Ice rinks.

posted in: England, Europe, London 4

Christmas in London is special, magical and for me, it is the most wonderful time of the year. It is … Read More

Christmas in London – The Unmissable Top 4 Dazzling London's Christmas Lights Display

posted in: England, Europe, London 6

Christmas lights display in London is magical and special for me. In fact the Christmas season is the most wonderful … Read More

Tower of London-The Best Guide to What you need to know

The Tower of London Tower of London is one of the most visited castles and tourist attraction in Britain with … Read More

Milan Cathedral – How to make the best of your visit

posted in: Europe, Italy 30

Milan Cathedral | Milano di Duomo | Italy Milan Cathedral is a mesmerizingly beautiful masterpiece standing in Piazza del Duomo. … Read More

The Best of Milan – Sunset on the rooftop of the Duomo

posted in: Europe 35

The Gothic Cathedral of Milan, famously known as the Duomo, is a glorious marble structure with slender pinnacles rising everywhere. … Read More

Ultimate guide to the Best 5 in Kyoto

posted in: Japan, Kyoto Top 5 73

Kyoto has so much culture, food, vibrancy and history to indulge in, that one cannot have too many days in that cultural city. Strolling through Gion or Pontocho to steal a glimpse of the geisha, visiting the many iconic temples or experiencing a traditional ryokan stay will leave you with lasting memories. No matter how much time you spend in Kyoto, saying ‘goodbye’ will always be hard. For me, these were my Top 5:…… Read More

Kyoto Markets – Ultimate guide to the Best 2 not to be missed

Kyoto Markets Kyoto Markets are a nice addition to an itinerary of temples, shrines and gardens which should not be … Read More

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