London MyCityMyTown Series

London MyCityMyTown Series

A collection of my yester-years

What is London MyCityMyTown Series?

London MyCityMyTown Series is a collection of blogs that reflects places in London which in someway hold a special place in my heart from yester-years. My inspiration for London MyCityMyTown Series was originally spurred on by an idea to retrace my time with my family, now that I am almost an empty-nester. However, I am beginning to feel that the London Series will not be limited to yester-years but might develop into something current in the coming years. Lets see how My Timeless Footsteps evolves over the next few months and what my readers would want to see. I would love to hear your thoughts too, so please do leave a comment or get in touch via the Contact Form.

For now though, allow me to introduce to you, London and the first of my London MyCityMyTown Series. As you may know, London is a cosmopolitan City that has one of the highest standards of living, a City that never sleeps with weekend transportation that operates 24/7, a City that is busy, busy, busy, an Underground system where the sounds of “Mind the Gap” becomes the fabric of commuting, – despite this, I have grown to love and really do appreciate this beautiful City, which is My Town.

My Town, London has given me and my family many adventures. As I reminisce on the memories I had with my kids to the places I visited over the years, and some on more than one occasion,  I decided to take the best of “yesterday” (an extremely difficult choice, given that each one of the adventures are unique and memorable) as a Londoner and re-visit places in London that holds a special place in my heart.

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As I revisit the best of yester-years, I decided to call the first set on London Series as “My City & My Town – Appreciating London, retracing my footsteps”  series,  – I know it is rather a long title but it embodies everything that this series means to me. In sharing my experiences with you, I have selected the five special places and by no means is one more special than the other. Each destination/venue is special for the unique experiences and the priceless memories that I cherish but certainly, it is different now as I visit these places on my own with my thoughts.

As part of this series, I will publish one blog every few months beginning January 3rd 2019. In each blog that I share with you, will be an adventure covering one special place and/or activities, with tips and suggestions on how to make the best use of your visit.

I welcome you to read and enjoy “MyCityMyTown – Appreciating London, retracing my footsteps”  series, through my lens and hope to inspire you to visit London 😊

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What else on London?

Besides London Series, you will also find Discover London with Georgina – articles on hidden gems and places where, as a tourist, you wouldn’t normally visit. Some highlights below.

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For me, planning a holiday beforehand is crucial. A well-planned travel itinerary within a predetermined budget range will do wonders to a meaningful and memorable holiday. I have designed Travel resources and these guides are curated for you to have meaningful experiences with your well-being in mind. You may want to read “5 Reasons Why Travel Planning is Important” and “Travel Checklist – 25 Top Tips for a Stress Free Vacation” as a guide to help you plan your next holiday. The Pretravel Planning is by far the most comprehensive list and be sure to download the PDF and save it for future reference.

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I hope this post has given you a flavour of what London MyCityMyTown is all about and what you can expect from me, as the author of these articles.  I invite you to come with me, plan your next adventure to London and our surrounds, experience the wonder of it all …Where would your next adventure take you?  Share your views, experiences – Get in touch via the comments box below or Contact Form. I would love to hear from you.

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May 2020, Update

Look up London City official website: #londonisopen

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