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Hello there, I am Glorey Georgina (although in the social media world I am known as Georgina). In this space, you will find my travel stories, both near and far which includes inspirational travel articles together with travel guides and resources to help you plan your very own travel adventures.

Adventures: I share my travel experiences to various destinations and offer ideas to help you plan your journeys, so you can create memories too. Travel need not be expensive or break ‘your bank’! It does not always have to be the 5-star over-indulge type of lifestyle when you cannot afford it. I do not travel on the cheap but I do insist on a certain degree of uncompromising comfort and safety, which by no means extravagant. I do believe life in its simplicity also works! A quiet romantic river-walk is equally meaningful as that of a dinner in a 5-star restaurant.

To have meaningful experiences, planning a holiday beforehand is crucial. You may want to read “5 Reasons Why Travel Planning is Important” and “Pretravel Planning – 25 Top Tips for a Stress Free Vacation” as a guide to help you plan your next holiday. A well-planned travel itinerary within a predetermined budget range will do wonders to a meaningful and memorable holiday. The Pretravel Planning is by far the most comprehensive list and be sure to download the PDF and save it for future reference.

Planning a travel can be time consuming if you have a busy schedule. Should you need any help with deciding and getting ahead with any travel plans, please get in touch with me and I would be happy to help. I am certain that with my expertise, local knowledge and contacts with local travel agents of your holiday destination will allows us to come up with an agreeable plan for you. I can create bespoke itineraries for solo and couples  over 50 and of any age, who are seeking to make memories of their own. You can get in touch with me via the contact page or directly on email, for further information. Equally, if you like the excitement of planning your own holiday itineraries through informed decision-making or have an off the beaten path kind of adventure, you can look-up 

  • which is a travel search engine for accommodations, that offers you a choice of hotels, homes and apartments and B&B’s in 120,000 destinations worldwide – instant confirmation and no cancellation fees. You will definitely find accommodation to suit your needs, singles, couples or families and your budget.
  • Get Your Guide is about making your travel, your way. There are unique and unmissable activities for you choose from which are designed to create memorable moments and experiences.

Food & Drink Experiences: If there is one thing that I love just as much as travelling, it is food. As a Malaysian, I grew up experiencing one of the most flavourful cuisines in the world. A country which is often referred to as “the crossroads of Asia”, Malaysian cooking uses ingredients and cooking styles which reflects a fusion of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai. Although, they are not spicy-hot, they are full of flavour and has contributed to me having an adventurous palette when it comes to culinary delights and the mouth-watering dishes I get to enjoy during my travels.

Journal: The Journal will document my day-to-day experiences and thoughts. It will also reflect travel resources such as Pretravel Planning , how to get around a country (Transport tips) and certain unique travel challenges for example when crossing state-lines or borders. 

The views expressed in my blogs are my own and I will always be explicit if any of its content is subsidised or sponsored. This Post and all related posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you click on a link and make a purchase.

So, I invite you to come with me, plan your next adventure and experience the wonder of it all …Where would your next adventure take you?  Get in touch via the comments box below. I would love to hear from you.

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Updated: September 2019