Murasaki Imo is 1 of the best Japanese Soft Cream


No matter where you go in Japan, you will find something that they call “soft cream”, described as silky and smooth. In English, we call it simply as “soft serve ice cream,” the soft ice-cream served on a wafer-cone which ..… Read More

A detailed guide for first time travellers to Japan to discover soft cream associated with various regions via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

Tofu paradise at a hidden gem in Kyoto


“Tofu” or bean curd is food made of soy milk, pressed into solid white blocks. Originated in China and was introduced to Japan in the late 8th century, during the Nara period (710-794) by Zen Buddhist monks. It was the luxury food … Read More

A simple guide to discovering the delights of Tofu at one of the best hidden gems in Arashiyama, Kyoto via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

Hiroshima’s Soul Food – Okonomiyaki and Oysters


Experience the mouth-watering and delightfully layered okonomiyaki of Hiroshima. … Read More

Hiroshima’s Soul Food – Okonomiyaki and Oysters via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

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