London Eye | 18 important facts you would love to know about this symbol of London


On any given day prior to Covid-19 lockdown measures came into force in London, the London Eye would elegantly rotate … Read More

Sitting at 135m along the beautiful Southbank and handsomely rotating over the River Thames is the delightful London Eye, a masterpiece, and a symbol of London. But there are some facts you did not know about this cantilevered observation wheel via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

London in Spring – when and where to see the top 5 spring flowers


London in Spring is quite simply, awesome! I love the mild weather between March to May and the longer daylight … Read More

A quick guide to Where & When to see the Top 5 spring flowers in London. via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

Guided Tours for Top 10 Experiences in London


I am an absolute believer that guided tours are sometimes necessary to maximise my experiences when on vacation. This is … Read More

Guided Tours for Top 10 Experiences in London via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

St Dunstan in the East-8 reasons why you should visit this Serenity amongst Ruins


My latest love of London is an old ruined medieval Gothic church in the heart of London’s financial district, just … Read More

Why is Monument important to London?


In the heart of the financial district of London stands a 61 meters, (202 feet) Doric column, simply known as … Read More

Discover why this Monument in the heart of London's financial district is important & explore, enjoy panaromic views of London's skyline | London's Landmark | Historic London | London Fire | London | Historic Britain | London's Financial District | via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

What went wrong with the Walkie talkie building?


Walkie talkie building also known as Sky Garden  opened in 2015 and it is a great place to visit at … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy A Visit to the Sky Garden in London


Sky Garden in London opened in 2015 and offer visitors breathtaking views of London’s Skyline. You can enjoy a visit … Read More

The Routemaster Heritage Route 15


As part of Discover London with Georgina, I bring to you The Routemaster Heritage Route 15! The Routemaster Heritage Route … Read More

The Routemaster Heritage Route 15 via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/
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