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Tower of London-The Best Guide to What you need to know


The Tower of London Tower of London is one of the most visited castles and tourist attraction in Britain with … Read More

Discover London with Georgina


“London opens up to you like a novel itself…… Read More

Serenity amongst Ruins – 8 Reasons Why you should visit St Dunstan in the East, London


St Dunstan in the East, London My latest love of London is an old ruined medieval Gothic church in the … Read More

#2 in MyCity & MyTown – Appreciating London Series: Greenwich – 45 Experiences and More in 1 Day (Aug 2019)


Greenwich is a nice little town in the south-east of London which sits on the banks of River Thames, accessible with a 20-minute journey from London (Bank Station) and is a popular destination for tourists because of its maritime and astronomy history. The area, Royal Greenwich Park is host to the Royal Museum Greenwich, which is… Read More

Top 5 reasons that makes Leadenhall Market Special


Leadenhall Market, London Leadenhall Market has been on my London Do-List for a while and I was saving it for … Read More

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