Geneva for a perfect romantic 3-day Itinerary

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A perfect romantic 3-day itinerary in Geneva can be a lot of things because Geneva has it all!Click and find out what made ours perfect. Travel tips and how to get around Geneva for FREE… Read More

Kensington Palace Gardens – an idyllic getaway from chaos of the City

Kensington Palace Gardens Kensington Palace is surrounded by beautiful landscaped grounds. Trees here are planted in straight lines, there are some unique looking ones (like…

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Mount Hiei – A fascinating Japan experience not to be missed

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Mount Hiei makes a nice little escape from the maddening crowds of other Kyoto’s main attraction. It is a quiet place and somehow walking in the dense forest of towering cedar trees made me feel good. It was peaceful. There were not many tourists around on a weekday when I visited. I would…… Read More

Christmas in London- Magical Markets, Dazzling lights and Fairytale Ice rinks.

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Christmas in London is special, magical and for me, it is the most wonderful time of the year. It is … Read More

Christmas in London – The Unmissable Top 4 Dazzling London's Christmas Lights Display

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Christmas lights display in London is magical and special for me. In fact the Christmas season is the most wonderful … Read More

Tower of London-The Best Guide to What you need to know

The Tower of London Tower of London is one of the most visited castles and tourist attraction in Britain with … Read More

Milan Cathedral – How to make the best of your visit

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Milan Cathedral | Milano di Duomo | Italy Milan Cathedral is a mesmerizingly beautiful masterpiece standing in Piazza del Duomo. … Read More

Ultimate guide to the Best 5 in Kyoto

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Kyoto has so much culture, food, vibrancy and history to indulge in, that one cannot have too many days in that cultural city. Strolling through Gion or Pontocho to steal a glimpse of the geisha, visiting the many iconic temples or experiencing a traditional ryokan stay will leave you with lasting memories. No matter how much time you spend in Kyoto, saying ‘goodbye’ will always be hard. For me, these were my Top 5:…… Read More

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