Ultimate guide to the Best 5 in Kyoto


Kyoto has so much culture, food, vibrancy and history to indulge in, that one cannot have too many days in that cultural city. Strolling through Gion or Pontocho to steal a glimpse of the geisha, visiting the many iconic temples or experiencing a traditional ryokan stay will leave you with lasting memories. No matter how much time you spend in Kyoto, saying ‘goodbye’ will always be hard. For me, these were my Top 5:…… Read More

Ultimate guide to the Best 5 in Kyoto via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

Victoria and Her 200th Anniversary


Queen Victoria was famously known as having gone to bed a Princess and woke up to be the Queen of Britain. 24th … Read More

A brief introduction to Queen Victoria, the iconic Queen of Britain whose name denotes an entire era of British history. via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/

Mystery Blogger Award


  Mystery Blogger Award I am absolutely pleased to be nominated for my first Mystery Blogger Award. It is wonderful … Read More

Mystery Blogger Award via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/
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