We looked forward to each evening of our 3-day weekend so we could be here at the lighthouse in Lake Geneva, which made-up our perfectly romantic itinerary.

Where in Europe?

Europe is a continent with preserved cultural heritage, open borders and a transport infrastructure that allows for seamless journeys. You don’t have to travel far or for too long before you are met with a different language and a different culture. Although there are profound differences between these cultures and the way of life in these countries, you will find that you can dive into and immerse yourself in its cultures quite quickly.

Connections to Europe

If you are travelling from London , your are easily connected to mainland Europe by air or by train. The Eurostar can get you into Paris or Brussels in about two-hours.

I have visited many of the European countries over the last twenty-years, exploring the countryside as well as the cities. However, these were occasions well before I decided to blog which was only about a year ago. So, in this space, you will find my travel stories of recent past. I have plans to explore more of my home country, UK and Europe in the coming months.

Hope you will enjoy my travels in Europe. Please get in touch if you have any questions at all via the Contact form.

Happy travels,