About Georgina

Hi there! My name is Glorey Georgina (although in the social media world, I am known as Georgina) and a very warm welcome to my personal blog, My Timeless Footsteps. My Timeless Footsteps is a blog on my solo travels as a woman who is in her fifties young.

My Timeless Footsteps encapsulates what was formerly ouradventuresmemoriesandjournals which encapsulated what was initially footstepsofanolderwoman, a title which may seem rather unusual 😊.

You may wonder why the change, seems rather unusual for a blog to change its name this many times. Well, sincerely I did not plan it this way. I chose footstepsofanolderwoman because it reflects I, a woman in her fifties who is taking one footstep at a time to fulfil my wildest dreams of travelling around the world, falling in love and making great memories! After six months into writing my blogs, I realise that my footsteps in experiencing my adventures and creating my memories was not a solo one but it includes those who are close to my heart. That led me to change it to ouradventuresmemoriesandjournals to reflect this part of my journey.

As life so often throws surprises in our path, I now find myself on a journey pursuing my dreams alone. I am excited about the future and I am still that very same girl who has not stopped dreaming, and one who believes that it is never too late to love and live a little. My passion for travel has been a consistent drive in my life, so selecting the word “Timeless” seemed appropriate to reflect my unchanging desire to have an adventurous life – to explore, discover and enjoy this beautiful world of ours. Together with travel, I am also a passionate advocate in unlocking the values in over50 women.

In sharing a little of myself with you, in retrospect, I guess my desire for adventures really began when I was growing up in Malaysia. I was an avid reader of fiction books, novels and magazines. Reading these books created a desire within me to ‘leave’ and see what was beyond the horizon. There was something about the winter backdrop, Georgian houses and the tiny warm lights from the distant reflecting off the snow which drew me to England. The warmth of log fires and ginger bread houses and children playing…to this end, I am immensely fortunate to have brought up my two adorable children in a place which I have grown to consider to be my home.

Home in the UK, in particular London has meant an interesting, challenging and a busy life. Travel blogging was something I had wanted to do for a number of years, almost 20! I started this blog about a year ago, to share my travels, my perspective on what the world is and how beautiful it is. My family and I, travelled frequently, at every school vacation break, every long weekend breaks, at every opportunity possible. However, between raising kids whose extra-curricular was a full-on 7-day activity, full-time work and partnering a business meant it left very little time for myself to pursue my interest in travel blogging. Now, with two adult kids who are pursuing their own interests in life has afforded me the time to embrace the next chapter in my life, so My Timeless Footsteps will be a log of my footsteps as an older woman, a solo adventurer, (one who is forever young at heart, I may add!) in the hope that I will leave something behind for my kids when I fall off my twig.

As I look forward to nothing less than an exciting life, in this personal blog, I write, to share my travel adventures – stories and life experiences, through the very many photographs that I click-away, hoping to inspire and motivate individuals and couples over 50 as well as each of you reading this, some who may yet to reach the golden age, to think outside the box, to begin your footsteps to living your life, be it your wildest dreams of scuba diving in the Great Coral Reef, bungee jumping or even just holding hands with your better half on a beach whilst watching the sunset over tequilas – whatever it is, I wish you to get planning, get out there and get discovering this beautiful world of ours because as you have so often heard people say, “life is too short” and indeed, it is.

As life is too short, and to be honest, life really do begin at 50! I shall continue to live #onegrandadventureatatime, sharing my perspectives on the places I visit, the cultures I embrace and life generally. This site will evolve as I embrace my footsteps going forward – you have already seen how it has over the last year with the name change!

My ultimate aims are much simpler – that my stories will touch and inspire the rare free soul like me to live an adventurous life and put less things off until “someday” and live the best life right here right now. Life is indeed too short to be spent thinking and the world is too beautiful to be missed. As you may know, there are and will always be, obstacles, reasons or something more important that will hold us back from doing what we want to do. Take it from me, a professional, a mother – one who is still far too young and adventurous, who has been where you are, is now, ever so slowly stepping onto the other side to live her dreams. There is no better time than NOW, no matter how old you are.

Happy adventures!

Updated: September 2019