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A la Carte City Travel Guides

Guide to Best things to do in the Best Cities of the World


A la Carte City Travel Guides is about the Best Things to do in the Best Cities of the World

A la Carte – French phrase – “by the card”. Often used to describe when a restaurant offers separately priced items or when ordering individual pieces of the items in the menu, instead of a platter.

No, no 🙂 this is not a French menu asking you to pay for each guide to an attraction in a city, like how you pay for food on an a la carte menu! This guide is totally Free. When you subscribe using the form below, you will receive more valuable guides straight to your inbox – no Spam – just very good, complete, comprehensive and valuable city guides totally Free, to support your travel planning.

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Anyways, more on this page…

This awesome page is curated for you, the traveller and represents everything I believe in what Travel should be! It is about choices, placing power in your hands to select, to choose what you want to do, on your vacation. You plan your itinerary for the duration, all within space and time for your well-being. Whether you are on a guided or self-guided vacation, these A la Carte City Guides are the perfect resource for you to create your timeless memories.

The Best thing about A la Carte Travel Guides is that it is “ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!”

Verona Arena | A la Carte Travel Guides
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Verona Arena, Italy

I am sure you would agree that planning a vacation is no easy task! We want the best, the special experience. A vacation to be perfect. Of course, we must! We should and have every right to want and expect a perfect vacation. Especially so, as mature travellers/adventurers we look for specifics. We must have them!

Motivation for A la Carte Travel Guide

There are some experiences of a city that we want to explore. What happens with me is that I spend a lot of time researching, going to various websites, reading so many blogs for all of the places in a city. I find some blogs just list the attractions and not much about the attraction itself. For example, if you take Piazza Bra in Verona, you would find tons of information about the Arena and not much about what else is available at the Bra. This led me to write Best 7 Experiences. Similarly with other cities such as Milan, Venice , London . With this in mind, I curated A la Carte Travel Guides so you will find everything you need under one roof – one page!

Each city guide offers a myriad of individual articles of places to see, things to do, the best of the beaten track as well as the off the path experiences. These guides are detailed, comprehensive and has everything you could possibly think of. You can select to learn a city’s culture and its history or find the type of activities to do. There are recommendations on cuisines which you may like to try as well. Don’t miss the Unique Experiences page on each of the City Travel Guide as well as Places to Stay.

Personal experiences and more

I write about places and experiences which I have personally encountered, enjoyed and treasured over the many years of travel. I also include some researched materials , so that you have the best travel resource possible. In some, I include Tripadvisor ratings to give you an idea of what our peers think of the cuisines or activities.

Enjoy reading – note that this is an ongoing project and city guides and itineraries will be added as I continue to explore one city, one country at a time. Let me know if I’ve missed anything. Subscribe for more valuable A la Carte City Guides to be sent straight to your inbox.

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A la Carte City Travel Guides
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A la Carte
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