Guided Tours for Top 10 Experiences in London

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Guided tours are sometimes necessary to enhance experiences

I am an absolute believer that guided tours are sometimes necessary to maximise my experiences when on vacation. This is especially so when my visits are only for a few days and I want to learn/know as much as I possibly can of my destination. As such, guided tours are totally up my alley because it takes stress off me to plan with regards to that destination.

A rewarding experience of a guided tour that comes to mind at this moment is the day trip to Mont Blanc from Geneva – an unforgettable experience for me. In this respect, I tend to book a couple of guided tours so I do not worry about transport to get there and back. My trip to Geneva was a short weekend break and was able to maximise my experiences through a guided tour to Mont Blanc and the glaciers.

Besides, I do like all the “inside scoop” that only travel guides sometimes know. For these simple reasons then, that I have the following suggestions on London for you to explore the City with:

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Convenience of Guided Tours

Booking your activities are super easy! Mostly with a couple of clicks, you are done. In some instances, you will have the purchase delivered to you if you wish. Mostly though, you can download it onto your phone.

You can purchase these activities at the time you begin to plan your vacation which may be months, weeks, days ahead or you could purchase them like I did, when I visited Milan Duomo – just a couple of hours before joining the activity!

Read about my experiences in Milan:

if you change your mind about your activities, you can also cancel with a couple of clicks . You are required to do so at least 24 hours before the activity commences.

However, some activities may have different requirements. Please read specific T and Cs pertaining to some activities when you book them.

As always, I am contactable via email – or via Contact Form if you need any further suggestions or help in designing your itinerary to London.

Is this post valuable to you in planning your visits to London? If so please let me know in comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Happy adventures!


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7 Responses

  1. Georgina

    Absolutely – Harry Potter tours are so popular that tickets have to be booked months ahead. Thank you for appreciating this post.

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  3. ninazee78

    Georgina, these are all great options for tours of London. I am sure the Harry Porter one is extremely popular. Thank you for this post!

  4. Georgina

    Thank you Sharon. Glad you find this guide useful. Hope you get to visit Kew Gardens on when next in London

  5. Sharon

    These are great suggestions for tours. I’ve wanted to see Kew Gardens, which I’ve missed in my 2 visits to London.

  6. Georgina

    Kew Gardens is absolutely lovely and one not to be missed. I am happy that you found the suggested tours helpful especially to first time visitors to London. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Estelle, really appreciate it.

  7. Estelle Anderson

    Thanks Georgina for a great London guide. There are wonderful options for the first time visitor to London. From this list I’d like to visit Kew Gardens

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