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London City

London opens to you like a novel itself…It is divided into chapters, the chapters into scenes, the scenes into sentences; it opens to you like a series of rooms, doors and passages. Mayfair to Piccadilly to Soho to the Strand”

Anna Quindlen

As a Londoner, I could not agree more with the quote. A City that is 2000 years old, founded by the Romans, survived the London Fire of 1666 and the Blitz, London opens up a world of discovery, from cobbled streets to high rises – every corner has a story to tell you. With Discover London with Georgina, I hope to bring these stories to you.

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Here are some stories for you…

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Discover London with Georgina

Discover Serenity amongst Ruins, a beautiful garden out of the ruins of WWII, a Sky Garden that gives you a 360 degree view of London’s skyline, a Monument that stands as a reminder of the 1666 Great Fire and a glimpse of the iconic London Heritage buses that still reminds visitors of what it was like in the ‘old’ London plus visit the Gothic church that is home to Doorkins, the Magnificat – a lot more as this website develops.

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Discover London through London Series

I have written London Series which encapsulates all the places that I visited with my kids. This series forms my introduction to blogging as I retrace my footsteps as a Londoner.

Find out why St Paul’s Cathedral is the Number 1 of MyCityMyTown Series, discover What is Next to St Paul’s that existed since medieval times.

London is one of the largest metropolises in the world and as such, I am sure you can imagine the chaotic lifestyle of Londoners!. Despite the hum-drum, London has so many beautiful parks where one can escape to. Find out where you can experience a peaceful retreat and be lost in your own world wonder when you walk through a garden of roses by reading the third instalment on MyCity MyTown London Series – Royal Palaces and Royal Parks.

#3 Royal Palaces & Royal Parks

#2 Greenwich in 1 Day – 45 Experiences & more….

Also, are you ready for a challenge? – how about 45 Experiences and more in the quaint town of Greenwich, just 20 minutes train journey from central London?

#1 London MyCityMyTown – What makes St Paul’s special

I hope these snippets of London and England will encourage you to visit and feel free to ask me any questions you may have via the Contact Form. Look out for more on this site as it develops and continue to Discover London with Georgina.

Discover London through popular activities

You could have a look at some of the tours offered by Get Your Guide in London which I have carefully picked out to enhance your experience for when you visit this amazing City. It does not matter whether you are in London for two days or for two weeks, I am sure you would like to save money on transport and attraction passes. To do so you may want to purchase the London Explorer Pass which gives you up to 35% off on admission to your choice of 3, 4, 5, or 7 top London attractions at one low price. These are suggestions only and certainly feel free to customise them to suit your needs.

Come, join me and Discover London

I hope this post has given you a flavour of what Discover London with Georgina is all about and what you can expect from me, as the author of these articles.  I invite you to come with me, plan your next adventure to London and our surrounds, experience the wonder of it all …Where would your next adventure take you?  Share your views, experiences – Get in touch via the comments box below. I would love to hear from you.

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Have a splendid time discovering London!


Updated: May 2020

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“In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in”
Paddington Bear

Explore and Discover London - A detailed guide and tips to discovering, exploring and enjoying this vibrant cosmopolitan City in more ways than one. Know where to go, save money with offers and guided tours for a wholesome experience. All from a Londoner. via @GGeorgina_mytimelessfootsteps/
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  5. Georgina

    Thank you so much – London is MyCity and MyTown – fabulous and yes, expensive 🙂 Thank you for your visit and look for to you stopping by again.

  6. london trip deals

    Thanks Georgina for your post

    Your Overview of London is impressive ! Expensive but interesting town

  7. Georgina

    Thank you so much, Kaitlin. I am all about independent travel and traveller well-being and am so glad you found my posts informative. I appreciate it. Subscribe to have more travel tips directly to your inbox.

  8. Kaitlin Terese

    Your photos are wonderful! You have such informative information to help plan a successful trip. Thank you!

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  11. Georgina

    Many thanks, Angela, Glad you like it.

  12. Angela

    A nice selection of highlights to entice the visitor to London

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  24. Georgina

    Hi Jen, thank you so much! I am so happy to know that you like my photographs and are inspired to visit!. I am much encouraged. I sincerely hope that you will visit us one day.

  25. Jen Mostert

    Love your photographs and your deep passion for London. Makes me want to jump on a plane tonight.

  26. Georgina

    Thank you so much, Carly. London is a wonderful place to explore with its hidden gems, a journey I am enjoying immensely. Love sharing what I do and see. Really glad you like it too.

  27. I love your photos of London! They really show the city’s many facets, from the big city with contemporary design to the smaller, quainter side of things, like local bakeries and pretty gardens!

  28. Georgina

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on London, Leah. St Paul’s is really unique and special. Appreciate your comments.

  29. Leah

    London is such a beautiful city! I always loved the idea of living there. St. Paul’s is one of my favorite spots too. We visit every time we are there!

  30. Georgina

    I am sure they still do! The market gets better and better each time I visit 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Appreciate it very much.

  31. josypheen

    That one photo just reminded me about how much I love the market in Greenwich! They used to do the most amaaazing cheese and steak sarnies, and pretty good sushi. 😀

  32. Cheyenne Olson

    I love your adventures! Thank you for sharing them. Especially for someone unfamiliar with England’s history. I’ve learned so much! Xoxo. You’re rocking it girl! Keep going!

  33. Georgina

    Thank you so much, Elsa. Glad you have visited London and you know what I am “talking” about in my post. London is one of the top 10 of favourite cities.

  34. Georgina

    London is complex and has many many layers that offer discovery for the searching heart yet, it is one of the best metropolises where one can be anything you want to be. I am happy that you found the intro interesting and that you look forward to more. Thank you so much and appreciate your love and support. Next blog on London coming out at the end of the week.

  35. familymeetsworldco

    Great post.. London is definitely one of my favorite European cities

  36. DoMoreBeMore

    Even with just this small introduction to London I’m starting to realise it’s a complex city with many many layers. I’m really looking forward to reading more!

  37. Georgina

    Thank you so much, Niicole. Glad you found Discover London with Georgina a great intro to London. Hope you will visit us soon. Appreciate your comments.

  38. nclaesen

    Love your posts This is such a great intro into all that London has to offer.

  39. Georgina

    Thank you so much, Ade. London has so many amazing places to see and a gazillion things to do that it is sometimes challenging to narrow down what is best, so my guide here is to follow my heart and offer my readers places to visit from my perspective, sprinkled with my love. Glad you enjoyed reading this intro. Appreciate your support, always.

  40. Georgina

    Hi Cheyenne, so lovely to hear from you, my friend. Glad you have completed your writing project. I hope you will jump on a plane and come visit London and we can have coffee in one of my favourite places. Thank you so much for reading my blogs and your lovely comments. Your continued support and encouragement are great motivator for me to keep going and sharing my adventures.

  41. adewyatt

    Amazing intro blog to London. Best I have seen. There is so much to do, despite many many trips most of this I have never really visited. This is an invaluable blog for any visitor.

  42. Cheyenne Olson

    I love your posts. It makes me anxious to jump on a plane. And now that I’ve completed phase one of my writing project I can join you one your journeys again! xoxo Keep going my friend!

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