Follow your Heart: Miyajima Island, Hiroshima
Miyajima Island
Hello Wanderlusters! Great to see you here ☺️ I hope you will find this post resourceful and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. In this post, you will find: show

Follow Your Heart

… Always – for therein lies all the answers.


Sing the song that only you can sing;

Write the book that only you can write;

Dance a dance that only you can dance;

Live the life that only you can live;

For life is a journey that must be travelled

no matter the destination;

So, grab yourself a seat;

Wipe away sorrows of yesterday;

Smile, that it has happened;

And imagine a life that only you can imagine;


“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count,

It’s the life in your years” – A.L.



Would you agree?

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  1. Absolutely! I wake up each day knowing that I am blessed with an incredibly beautiful life which is still undergoing some “shaping”… thank you so much for your lovely words, Lorrie.

  2. It’s wonderful, Georgina! I think when we can get to that place…where we realize that everything happens for a reason and we find it all shaped us to be our authentic selves…yes…that is when life gets REALLY interesting! 😉 Much love to you and your incredibly beautiful soul!

  3. Thank you for your lovely words. I enjoyed writing it myself as it spoke to my soul.
    Sometimes, we just have to be authentic to ourselves, like you say and think of us…
    Apologies for my late response.

  4. Well said, our life is in our hands, if it says go for it, we have to follow and accomplish our dreams.

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