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Daisy – Innocent and Bright


Daisy - Innocent and bright
Daisy – Innocent and bright

There is a flower,

Innocent and bright,

Silver crest and goldeneye,

Sweetly simple and charming,

Standing tall,

Out of a sky of green,

That springs up here and there;

It tells you of sunny times,

And gay meadows,

Where water, wind and birdsong,

Sings a soothing symphony,

To calm the hurt of times gone by;

So, as Daisies bloom,

Here, there and everywhere,

It speaks of hope,

A unique melody,

In the midst of simplicity,

Where you will stand up,

Like a Star,

Innocent and bright eyed.

Daisies - Spring here, there and everywhere
Daisies – Spring here, there and everywhere


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  1. Thank you, Estelle. I enjoyed discovering about these little flowers which are everywhere at this time of the year. They are indeed a true delight.

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words. Daisy is indeed such a beautiful flower, pure and wild. I am so looking forward to your visit to London. Really appreciate your lovely comments here.

  3. I love the simple purity of daisies, they are such an uplifting flower. Many thanks for all the information available here, I look forward to my further exploration of London with fresh eyes.

  4. Thank you so much 🙂 I am happy to know that this little poem is inspirational. Daisies are certainly happy flowers, wild and free. I appreciate your lovely thoughts very much.

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