» » » » Step into a space-wonder on earth-Brussels Atomium

Step into a space-wonder on earth-Brussels Atomium

Step into a space-wonder on earth-Brussels Atomium


Brussels Atomium

This huge iconic metal structure looks and feels very much like a spaceship! I certainly felt like I was walking into a space-wonder. The escalator is an amazing experience but there are also a lot of stairs to climb…so, if you have restricted mobility, this may not be a place for you. 

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The Atomium, Brussels


The Atomium

The Atomium is 102 metres tall and has 9 “space-balls” of 18 metres in diameter, connected with each other at 30 metres in distance, forming one unit cell. It is made of solidified molecules of iron, magnified 160 billion times!


1_13 (2)
Atomium – a closer look at the solidified molecules of iron shaped into this magical spheres.


Our experience at the Atomium

Our experience here was unique. The metal stairs can be a challenge but equally an experience to add to an “inside aircraft” kind of a feel. The metal spheres are connected and you can experience “time-travel” when taking the escalators. There is an interactive exhibition for you to enjoy. One of the “space-balls” has a colourful light-show with electronic music where you can practice your dance-steps and imagine that you are in a night club. A viewing gallery is located on the lower deck, which offers good panoramic views over Brussels. I personally felt that the “space-balls” offered more of an experience and fun. The upper deck offers a sit-in restaurant. 


The panoramic restaurant at the Atomium 

My highlight was the panoramic restaurant on the Upper Sphere (Level 8) – a dining experience with breath-taking views over Brussels – the “specialness” was looking out of the space-like windows! 😊 

1_14 (2)
View from the Panoramic restaurant.


The restaurant is spread over two-floors and linked by an internal staircase. If you intend to dine, prior booking is highly recommended because there are only 80 seating available. 

If you do not want a dining experience, there is a café on the ground level. 



We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here as it was fun and different. The lights, the revolving restaurant and the many metal steps was definitely fun to experience. The Atomium offers unique experiences for both children and for adults. Schools can hire one of the “space-balls” for children to have a unique experience in “space” – it has spherical beds! It is open for private hire for seminars, conferences, cocktail parties or galas. 


Travel tips and Useful information:

The ticket price for the Atomium includes entry to the permanent and temporary exhibitions and the viewing deck.

You may wish to Get Your Guide here on some carefully handpicked tours that provide
good value for money.



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13 Responses

  1. Georgina

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Christy. The Atomium is rather different and makes a nice short trip from the City centre – hope you will visit soon. 🙂

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  3. Christy La Barthe

    This looks like an incredible place to visit — the view from the top looks amazing! We have not made it to Brussels YET!) but your post adds one more thing to visit there and might move up a few spaces now! Great post!

  4. Georgina

    Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and encouraging comments, Estelle. I really do appreciate that you too, will enjoy the time travel lift and the panoramic restaurant. I am sure that your visit to the Atomium will be a memorable one.

  5. Estelle Anderson

    Wow! I’ve never visited an Atomium. This sounds like a fun novel experience. Plus I have never been to Brussels. Two great reasons why I should visit. The two things I’d like to really experience would be the time travel lift and the panoramic restaurant. And thanks for all your great tips.

  6. Georgina

    Thank you so very much, Sharvina. Much appreciated 🙂

  7. Sharvina.y

    Congrats Georgina! I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Please see my latest post.

  8. Georgina

    Thank you” Really appreciate your positive comments. The Atomium is definitely worth a visit and the restaurant – prior booking recommended.

  9. Georgina

    The Atomium is definitely worth a visit when you visit Brussels. The restaurant is quite a nice experience 🙂 Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

  10. Gypsyat60

    So much useful information in this post! 🙂 I have only seen the “Atom” from the outside as time didn’t permit a our throughout – so have it on “my list” for next time in Brussels. What a spectacular view from the restaurant! A great read.

  11. Jenny Peel

    Looks and sounds like a lot of fun! I really love that view from the Panoramic Restaurant!

  12. Georgina

    Thank you so much 🙂 it was quite an experience. Hope you will visit one day.

  13. lalaue

    It looks amazing like spaceship. I love it!!!!

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