Today, I received an invite from the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2019 Team to enter the competition by submitting a portrait picture which they had noticed on my Instagram. I am super pleased and elated to be recognised. I am certain that, as readers and followers of my adventures, that you will support my entry to the Portrait Awards 2019 by Sharing this on your Facebook Timeline or Page, and on Twitter as well as on Instagram.

I am grateful to each and every-one of you, for all of your support in making my journey a memorable one as I continue living one grand adventure at a time, sharing my stories through my lens.


Hello Wanderlusters! Great to see you here ☺️ I hope you will find this post resourceful and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. In this post, you will find: show


Glorey Georgina Daniel

United Kingdom

Submission 1: The Cubic Floor of the Great Hall at the Queen’s House, Greenwich, London .

The Cubic Floor of the Great Hall at the Queen’s House, Greenwich, London. Decorated in 1630’s Black and White Marble. Cubic floor measures 12 x 12 x 12 metres.


Submission 2: Promise

A beautiful couple holding hands – a firm grasp, promising the girl that all will be alright, “I got this” he says.


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