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MyCity & MyTown – Appreciating London Series

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MyCity & MyTown

Appreciating London Series

Appreciating London Series is a series of blogs designed to offer suggestions and travel tips with the aim to inspire travellers to visit London. This Series of blogs will be on my personal experiences and memories of each of the places I have visited and now, revisiting.

Reflecting on my journey

Don’t know about you guys, but as 2018 draws to a close, and in any case, since Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting on what the year had been so far and my journey in life. For the most part 2018 has been a rewarding year – I travelled a lot more, achieved yet another academia success and admire the success of my hard-work unfold, my kids who are My Pride and Joy!

Taking a close look at my journey was an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, to re-trace my footsteps and to reflect upon the best of “yesterday,” appreciate this beautiful City which is My Town.

As a tourist in London

Having lived in London for so many years, and everyday becomes every-day, I sometimes overlook the beauty and inspiring places in London which are flocked by tourists each year. I had been a tourist in my own City on numerous occasions and it has never failed me. There had always been something new, something different, some new twists to an evening in London which made each visit an unique experience.

London is a City that never sleeps

Despite being a cosmopolitan City that has one of the highest standards of living, a City that never sleeps with weekend transportation that operates 24/7, a City that is busy, busy, busy, an Underground system where the sounds of “Mind the Gap” becomes the fabric of commuting, – I have grown to love and really do appreciate this beautiful City, which is My Town.

Sharing what London means to me

As I reminisce on the many adventures I had with my kids to the places I had visited over the years, and some on more than one occasion,  I decided to take the best of “yesterday” as a Londoner and re-visit places in London that holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. I have selected my special five and by no means is one more special than the other. Each is special for the unique experiences and the priceless memories that I cherish but certainly, it is different now as I visit these places on my own with my thoughts.

As part of “My City & My Town – Appreciating London Series”, I will publish a blog beginning January 3rd 2019 and in each blog, I will share with you, an adventure covering one special place and/or activities, with tips and suggestions on how to make the best use of your visit. I welcome you to read and enjoy them through my lens and hope to inspire you to visit London 😊

Click on the links below to read more on my top picks of London.

Happy travels,

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  2. […] My City & My Town – Appreciating London, retracing my footsteps […]

  3. […] My City & My Town – Appreciating London, retracing my footsteps […]

  4. […] My City & My Town – Appreciating London, retracing my footsteps […]

  5. Georgina

    I am really pleased that you found the site easy to follow. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

  6. Tara (Dani) Willetts

    Wow, you’ve really created a lovely easy to follow site. Super impressed!

  7. Georgina

    Thank you so much for taking the time K. 🙂 Glad that London will remain special to you no matter where you go 🙂
    Happy New Year and may 2019 be your best yet 🙂

  8. couple_of_wanderers

    I am looking forward seeing London through your eyes, G.! Even though, London is not a home for me, it always had and always will have a special place in my heart too. Happy new year!

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