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Hello there! Welcome to mytimelessfootsteps – a travelogue of my adventures and a space where I share my insights into travel. Bringing you only the best, from my very many years of discovering this beautiful world, to support your independent travels, with guided or self-guided tours and your well-being whilst travelling. Though my focus is upper upscale and millennial lifestyle, the detailed travel guides and information herein are valuable for all travellers of any age. To learn more and my motivation for this blog, go to About Georgina.

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Recent Articles on mytimelessfootsteps

UK & London

Discover beautiful Britain and the hidden gems and trails in London

North America

A land of histories past where many cultures abound , with the magic of wonders that will have you in awe.


A continent with preserved cultural heritage…you don’t have to travel far or for too long before you are met with a different language and the many colours of culture.

Popular posts on Europe


The world’s largest, most populous and the oldest civilisation offers a region that is rich in ethnic plurality + diverse cultures, and Mother Nature’s greatest gift of incredible landscapes.

Popular posts on Asia


Discover this ancient land of temples, traditions, skyscrapers and modernity

Featured posts on Japan

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