St Dunstan in the East - Serenity amongst ruins

Serenity amongst Ruins – 8 Reasons Why you should visit St Dunstan in the East, London

St Dunstan in the East, London My latest love of London is an old ruined medieval Gothic church in the heart of London’s financial district,…

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View from the Aioi Bridge-Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Ultimate 1-Day Guide to the best of Hiroshima City Travel

Hiroshima is a vibrant modern city, having risen from its ashes of the past. It is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the southwest of Japan’s Honshu Island.

Every year, thousands of tourists make their way to Hiroshima mainly for the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which is a grim reminder of war and a focus for prayers for world peace. Whilst this should be a “must do” itinerary for any tourists, one should also make time to take in the natural beauty of its impressive Chugoku Mountains to the north, the clear waters of the Seto Inland Sea in the south and the beauty of historical Miyajima Island.

Boating along the Katsura River. Absolutely scenic. Sit here for a moment and absorb the tranquillity of the mountains.

Ultimate guide to the Best 5 in Kyoto

Kyoto was the former capital of Japan until 1869 and was the residence of the Japanese emperor between AD 794 and 1868. Kyoto has so much culture, food, vibrancy and history to indulge in, that one cannot have too many days in that cultural city. Strolling through Gion or Pontocho to steal a glimpse of the geisha, visiting the many iconic temples or experiencing a traditional ryokan stay will leave you with lasting memories. No matter how much time you spend in Kyoto, saying ‘goodbye’ will always be hard. For me, these were my Top 5:...


Mount Hiei – A fascinating Japan experience not to be missed

Mount Hiei makes a nice little escape from the maddening crowds of other Kyoto’s main attraction. It is a quiet place and somehow walking in the dense forest of towering cedar trees made me feel good. It was peaceful. There were not many tourists around on a weekday when I visited. I would recommend that you visit this sacred mountain for its natural beauty and it is one of the many places in Japan where tradition meets history and you might be pleasantly surprised 😊...

Moss covered grounds at Sodofu was added appeal

1 of the many ways to enjoy the delights of Tofu (唐腐)

“Tofu” or bean curd is food made of soy milk, pressed into solid white blocks. Originated in China and was introduced to Japan in the late 8th century, during the Nara period (710-794) by Zen Buddhist monks. It was the luxury food of the Shoguns in the early Edo period (1603-1868), and farmers were only allowed to eat on special days. Today, you can enjoy an exquisite meal of tofu, from starter to main course and dessert in a traditional Japanese setting at Yodofu Sagano.